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Can I choose the color and shape of my PMU?

One of the notable advantages of Permanent Makeup (PMU) is the level of customization it offers.
Choosing the Color
Our PMU artist will work with you to select a color that complements your skin tone and achieves the desired look. Whether you prefer a soft, natural hue or a more dramatic shade, the artist will guide you in choosing pigments that enhance your features and suit your style.

For eyebrows, the color choice is critical in achieving a natural appearance. The goal is to create a shade that seamlessly blends with your existing brow color or complements your hair color. Lip blush and eyeliner colors can also be tailored to match your preferred makeup style.
Choosing the Shape
The shape of your PMU is equally customizable. Our PMU artist will consider factors such as your facial structure, proportions, and personal preferences when designing the shape. Whether you're looking for a defined arch for your eyebrows, a specific eyeliner style, or a well-contoured lip shape, your input is crucial in achieving the desired outcome.

During the consultation, you can discuss your aesthetic goals and share any reference images or inspiration that reflect the shape you have in mind. Our PMU artist will then create a personalized design that enhances your natural beauty and aligns with your vision.

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