Data Subject Consent form (TIER 4) Document Control, Reference: GDPR REC 4.6, Issue No: 01, Issue Date:22.05.18
I hereby grant Get Inked Limited authority to process my personal
data for the purpose of getting the required medical information, consent form, photos, social media consent
1.2 I am aware that I may withdraw my consent at any time by using form GDPR REC 4.6A - Data Subject Consent Withdrawal Form
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Social media consent
I consent that Sanatorium Tattoo may use photographs and videos of me taken on the date indicated above on their social media tools, which includes but not limited to Facebook. I understand that these images and/or videos may be used for any other commercial purposes:

I would like to be added to the Sanatorium Tattoo mailing list to keep me informed of any special offers/discounts/ events etc…

Thank you for booking a full session with us. This session is start to finish and not counted by the hours. This is down to a specific skill set required for the job, and not the time required to finish the tattoo. The price agreed beforehand is the price payable in full. Each artist specialises in different style. Every client is different, you might react to the tattoo ink exceptionally well, or the artist might be experienced in the style and your design might be done quicker than your expectations. Again, this might take less/more time than anticipated, but still the quoted and agreed price is always payable. As you booked a session, it is not possible to split the session into 2 at this stage. In some rare occasions your tattoo might take longer than a full day session, in which case additional fees may apply at a discounted rate. This is very rare, usually down to extreme details involved, excessive bleeding, or above average measures, which we can’t predict beforehand.

I understand and I am happy with the studio policies.
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